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Legal Consulting

We provide advice and day to day support to companies in all sectors as we strongly believe that excellent legal guidance is the half solution of any commercial dispute. Our lawyers are particularly trained to assist you with all legal issues such as “companies establishment, trademarks, employment, investment laws, civil law, penal code and criminal law“.

Labor Law Consulting

No matter how big or small your company is, regulatory compliance is a reality you’ll have to face. The regulations that affect how a company hires, communicates, and compensates employees change constantly, and to stay abreast of these regulations is a full-time job in and of it.


When you’re tasked with navigating a company to growth and success, you absolutely must have a Legal partner you can trust to watch over your regulatory affairs, RE law firm is offering you consulting services that touch on laws which governs the employment of both the employer and employee. This establishment answers various questions such as affecting employment protection, termination of employment, rules and regulations that govern trade unions and labor strikes.

Social / Construction Insurance

Our experts deal directly with the HR team at your organization to review all of the current construction operations” contractor’s contract, business assay, construction license, operation file form in the construction insurance office, exempt from the percentage of insurance or reduction of the paid percentage for insurance and …..etc” (If any) and files according to the social insurance law to ensure that all employees are correctly registered with their insurance files, also reviewing the legal insurance file of the company and to manage & follow up on the monthly dues of the social insurance offices.

Governmental Services

1- Foreigners affairs:


Work permit


2- Egyptian foreign appropriations

3- Contractors Union :


Raising membership category

4- All governmental services related to the other services

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